[PERSONALIZED] Halloween Trick or Treat Snack Bag

[PERSONALIZED] Halloween Trick or Treat Snack Bag

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Add a PERSONALIZED name on these super cute Halloween Snack Bags


  • 20g of Oishi or Jack n' Jill cheese chips
  • 28g Jack n' Jill Berry, Milky or Choco Knots
  • 175ml Juice
  • 35g of local candies and gummies (Mix of eyeball Halloween gummies & candies, mentos, lollipops, chewy dragees, strawberry gummies etc.)
  • 50g of local chocolates (assorted Choco mucho, Hello chocolate, Cloud 9, Nips minis)

Total of at least 140g of treats


  • 40g Pringles or Piknik
  • 175ml Lotte Milkis or Sola iced tea
  • 35g Pocky or Pepero chocolated coated sticks
  • 50g of imported candies and gummies (Mix of eyeball Halloween gummies, skittles, cola, bear, sour belt gummies)
  • 50g of imported chocolates (assorted Halloween chocolates, Mars, Snickers, Kitkat, Twix, Hershey's, Safari, Tofiluk etc.)

Total of at least 175g of treats. 

Bag dimension: 9x7x2.5" (with corrugated mailer box for deliveries outside Metro Manila)

Tiered pricing (the more you buy, the lower the price!)

Price is valid for delivery to a single location only. Additional charges for concierge services (delivery to multiple locations nationwide).