Share a Snack

I never would have thought that what started out as pandemic side hustle would turn into a full-pledged business. From operating in a spare room in the family house, we now have a warehouse and a dedicated packing hub to fulfill retail and corporate orders. Our team is grateful for the support and we hope to give back the best way we know how - through snacks! - Angel (Founder)

Snacks are always better when shared.

On our first visit to the Tarukan Aeta community in Tarlac, we gave away story books and pens. This time, we gave out chocolates, candies and fun treats. Is it just me or they seem to have liked chocolates more?                                                                                  

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures. 
Inspired by the late Filipino Youtuber Llyod Cadena, we gave out a tablet to a deserving child for her distance learning. It's nothing grand, we know, but it's special as its from our first business profits. 

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